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You have a project on the horizon and no time to shop around. Speed through our featured playlists to get the cream of the crop for the upcoming occasion. Our playlists include clearly labelled one-stop options for maximum licensing efficiency and super quick turnaround. Don't forget we are always open to discuss bespoke compositions, edits, overdubs, re-writes and re-records.



Ireland has always been a global capital of great music from breaking artists. Browse innovative and exclusive new tracks by artists of raw talent and passion. We will be featuring new artists in our regular seasonal playlists. Open your ears to a specially curated playlist of rising musicianship and composer skill. This will include some pre-release previews.



Take a peek at our vast back catalogue of original recordings including classics by a diverse range of artists. We offer options from many genres and we are continually adding to our catalogue of recordings from past decades. Let's talk about being your go to guys for all music from artists of Irish origin.