Electric Penguins - II (Double Vinyl)


Electric Penguins - II (Double Vinyl)


The second album by Electric Penguins.

Release date: 8 October 2010

Bonded by influences from Kraftwerk to David Lynch movies to walking through Autumnal London and much besides Electric Penguins formed amidst a mutual love of vintage instruments, prog-rock and 70’s electro legends. They create music which is ambient, cinematic, folksy, electro and rich in conceptual depth.

“The band perfects a sound that sits as comfortably in the psychedelic
as with folk, rock, ambient and electronica.****” (Sunday Times Magazine)

“Synth Act of the Year” “The coolest band in Ireland?... We think so! ****” (Hot Press)

“II is a beguilingly lovely collection” (Irish Independent)

“Electric Penguins have quietly made one of the Irish albums of the year” (Hot Press)

“You’ll adore their melodic and majestic opus, influenced by pioneers such as Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Sigur Ros and Flaming Lips” (The Star)

“…what Bowie’s “Low” may have sounded like if he’d been on an ecstasy bender in Berlin instead of a recovering cocaine addict” (Totally Dublin)

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1. Minutes
2. Julia Stephens (An Introduction)
3. Julia Stephens
4. Highgate Hill
5. Always Always
6. Sky
7. 19 Winters
8. Nico's End
9. Mother Penguin
10. Airships Fly Over Beaches With Godetias
11. Soundproof 45
12. Self Portrait (Angie's Song)