One of the most critically acclaimed contemporary singer-songwriters and one of the most in-demand producers around ("A legitimate giant of Irish music." - Hotpress), Joe Chester has been nominated for both the Choice Music Prize and the Meteor Irish Music Awards for his work (his debut album A Murder Of Crows was included in the books "101 Irish Albums You Must Hear Before You Die", by Tony Clayton-Lea and "Buried Treasure Vol. 2" by Dan Hegarty). While he continues to work with Irish artists, Joe has recently set up a studio in Nice, France and is working more and more with French artists.

November 2018 - She Darks Me - Joe Chester’s ‘lost’ album virtually unheard since it’s original recording. Written during stolen moments in between collaborations in L.A with Gemma Hayes and touring with The Waterboys, this collection is among Joe’s most melodic and liberating work.

“She Darks Me is elegant, measured and all the better for it. High time the listening public caught up with Joe Chester. She Darks Me has all the makings of a sleeper hit.” - Hot Press Magazine

Listen to a radio edit of “Anything In The Long Run” below. Recently added to the RTE Radio 1 playlist.

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BOHCD2009 - Joe Chester - She Darks Me

October 2017 - Special Edition re-issue of Joe's debut album A Murder of Crows was released on Friday 27th October 2017. The quality digipack repackage includes original artwork and five bonus tracks featuring live tracks, original demos and unreleased material.

"This record occupies a special place in my heart. Some great music captures that point in your life, youth I think it’s called, when the world is alive with optimism, energy and hopefulness. But even better music captures that moment when the future is still dizzy with possibilities but is yet somehow tempered by our human frailties and the knowledge that it doesn’t always go to plan. This is such a record, gorgeous from beginning to end." - Tom Dunne


February 2017 - Joe's fifth album, The Easter Vigil was released on Bohemia Records to substantial critical acclaim.

This fifth album is another beautifully produced collection. From the string-driven Spy Wednesday to the gentle venom of the title track The Easter Vigil with melodies that linger and lyrics that prod and provoke. Recommended. - THE SUNDAY TIMES

Juliette Walking in the Rain is genuinely breathtaking ; and the haunting “Valley Of Tears” is truly transcendent. A hugely rewarding album. - HOT PRESS

Chester’s fifth album is yet another reason to wonder out loud just how and why he isn’t much better known. Chester’s stylistic traces have rarely been better outlined. Dark Mornings is melody incarnate, brimming with chiming guitar chords and wistful lyrics, while Valley Of Tears is as beautifully sorrowful as the title indicates. The pleasures of the remaining tracks unfurl somewhat more slowly, but are no less rich or rewarding.- SUNDAY BUSINESS POST

With some heavy-duty guests, including cellist Vyvienne Long, in tow, the respected Dublin producer's fifth album, an exploration of faith, love, discovery and belief, is deep, personal and intriguing. - EVENING HERALD

Archbishop McQuaid, Julliette Binoche, the “national razor” and the Swastika Laundry all get mentions on Joe Chester’s haunting new album, The Easter Vigil. "Spy Wednesday" bristles with lyrics worthy of Elvis Costello. The Easter Vigil is his most profound and moving work yet. - RTÉ 

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